It is not the end!

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Well, our summer school is coming to an end. It is unique experience for me, and I know, that it’s what I need. I like that whole our programme was put into practice. I knew about things, which are really necessary for me and my profession. At first side it may seem like only simple details, but they are so needful. For instance,  how to make a link look like picture or video in a blog. How to use google maps, other gadgets.

10 minutes ago, all of us

If there is a person, who helps you to sort out, it is more easy and convenient. We had a luck! So, I knew about great websites, where I can make a quick and quality slideshow. I already was aware of such laborious task, as filming, because I had a groundwork in these sphere.  And now I picked up a value of new opportunities. Add it to my knowledge, which I already have.

And I should say, that I couldn’t imagine, that our classes will be so staggering! Actually, as usual happens in that cases.


Here we are!

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The essense of our UK’s trip.

Great Cake!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William”s spectacular wedding cake took Fiona Cairns five weeks to design.The eight-tiered wedding cake, decorated in cream, white icing and 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers was a stunning centerpiece to the Buckingham Palace 650-guest reception.

Kate Middleton & Prince William”s Wedding Cake: 8 Tiers, 900 Sugar-Paste Flowers, Serves 650!

Kate Middleton and Prince William”s spectacular wedding cake took Fiona Cairns five weeks to design – and Kate had definite ideas on what she wanted for her historic day! Fiona’s fruit cakes are a sought-after English treat – Paul McCartney makes sure he gets one every Christmas – and the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are among her biggest fans.
Royal Wedding cake: Kate Middleton requested 8-tiers decorated with 900 flowers

Last updated at 6:05 PM on 1st May 2011 They celebrated their love for each other today in a lavish Royal Wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey and this is the extraordinary cake that they enjoyed at the reception.
Fiona Cairns: Royal Wedding Cake Baker – ABC News

In America, the old joke goes, fruitcake is the gift that never starts giving: There’s only one sad, unappetizing specimen that is regifted over and over. In England, it is a dessert fit for a bride on her royal wedding day. For their wedding cake, Prince William and Kate Middleton chose a traditional fruitcake with cream and white icing.

Welcome whatever you are

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I've taken this photo while we were lost on the Old street looking for our accomodation

I've taken this photo while we were lost on the Old street looking for our accomodation

When I’m walking on the streets of London, I see many people of various nationalities, and they are not tourists. They are living here, in London.

I always interested in case, is it difficult to settle down here.

Firstly, when I’ve faced with this theme, it was when I arrived to London and lived  2 days in the beginning of my trip in friend’s house. A family of Victoria and Victor moved from Russia to UK 6 years ago, a husband got a work.  They son Maxim already have born here. Now they are living in a nice little house in suburb of London. So, Victoria said, that actually it wasn’t so difficultt for them to settle down here, because husband has a work, but, of course, to buy a house is not easy, it rather expensive.

Another example. I’ve met David, I thought, he is british. By the way, his pronouncing was very clear. He looks like british, but later, whan I was talking with him, he told, that he is from Poland. He moved to London approximately 7 years ago, firstly for study. David works in cafe “Jiraffe” in South Bank, I’ve met him there. And later I’ve found out a lot of foreigners among the people who are working there. Girls from Slovenia, Croatia, guy from Columbia. They have already got accustomed to London, may be to british culture also.

But as well on the streets of London I’ve noticed people from that sort of countries… Especially in the evening the Oxford street looks like as you are in such country as Egypt. I mean, that I saw people, who were simple taken from one place to another. And without recognizing, that they’ve got a new place of living.

They are not going to speak language of place they are living now. They are not interested in culture they are living no…So, they have not change anything but country. I dont’t call them for forgetting  their native customs, but I call them for taking into account, that now they have something new in they life – a new country.

I have many others example of my friends, schoolmates, who moved to various countries – USA, Argentina, Australia.  I think, I belong to cosmopolitan people, who consider themselves as a person of whole world. And perhaps I can say that there is probability that I can move somewhere. Certainly I should have a financial foundation for it. But! Whichever way you look at it, the most important thing you need to have is your desire!

Rohan Daft, amazing!

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It was amazing interview, it was amazing person.I tried to ask him as much as possible. Probably, I’m so interested in his occupation, because I share his opinion and his preferences so it has played its part in making impression on me.

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The birthplace: Cheltenham, UK

Date of birthday: 6 of July

Age: 49 years

Topics: food, fashion

Languages: english, spanish, russian (a bit)

Favourite dish: gazpacho with mussels, paella and cold beer (it it’s hot and it’s Spain)

                                vodka and herring

Rohan Daft is a British writer and journalist and a connoisseur of Spanish food and British fashion. His way in journalism he started as a freelance writer and gossip columnist for the London Evening Standard. 80 pounds for story. Later Rohan spent about 6 years in Spain, to find traditional and delightful recipes for his book, which called «Menú del Día». Naturally about real Spanish cooking. When I’ll be in any bookshop, I’ll buy it without fail!

 – And how did you get involved in fashion?

 – So I was always interestedd in fashion, for the first time a tailor made a suit for me when I was eighteen.

Fantastically! I want to know more!

-And how did you begin working for Richard James?

-Well, I have a lot of acquaintances, they read my book about Spanish food, and invited me to work with them.

Now Rohan works as a fashion blogger on website of Richard James (a fashion British tailor).

He writes about new arrivals, about all. So, I guess he is constantly keeps up the being well-informed. When I’ve asked him to tell, how does he spend his everyday at work, Rohan broke into a smile and said: «Ha-ha, firstly I come to shop and watch over the new arrivals, check everything and so on. After it I can have some meetings». Nice!

-A tailor is like a doctor! He does one’s best. Doesn’t criticize you. Tries to help you as much as he can.

I’ll add this phrase to my collection.

-Do you buy your clothes at Richard James?

-Ah, now I’m dressed in its shirt and socks!

He said with a pleased smile upon one’s face. And adds: «I like such shops as, Uniqlo and Amarican Aparel too».

Well, time is short. I need to ask a little more about preferences.

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– So, if I in London, I prefer house to flat and taxi to drive, I doesn’t drive.

-How do you like to spend your free time?

-Mmm, I like cooking! Watching films – Spanish and Argentinean. Writing books. Because this occupation is mainly for free time.

– And what about your favourite music?

-I’m listening to classical music – Skryabin, Shopin, Shimanovski. Also contemporary, for instance Little Dragon.

-Which newspaper do you prefer to read?

-Certainly, I use the internet as a source of news, and also I buy Sunday Times. Among the magazines I prefer Private eye, GQ, Esquire. And I like to read a foreign press, especially Spanish – El Pais.

Don’t remember, in what moment, but Rohan utters casually, that he has a Russian roots – his grandmother was Russian. Suddenly he said: «Ya ne govoryu po russki!». What means «I don’t speak Russian». And than some Russians words, which he knows. It sound funny with a British accent!

Now I should conclude my enthusiastic story about Rohan Daft. I can say, that it is a great value to meet and to talk with person like this. A keen person. Who is an expert in his sphere. Who inspires you by his own example. And what is the most important thing, in my opinion, – when you want to meet a person again and ask more.

Enjoy your meal!

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About englishmen and food.

Argentina’s journey

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The endless memory of it!

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